• LPC Beginners Tournament
    Saturday 10th July 2021
    Newington Gardens
    Meet 11am for sign in

    Round Robin:
    10 minutes + stoppage/First to 5
    Top 4 teams will play for 1st/2nd/3rd

    Sign up your team below!

    Team List
    -Notorious Raspberries
    (Danny, Lore, Louie)

    -The Battered Bastards of Battersea
    (Trim, Josh, Jo)

    -Luxury Dingle
    (Lucy, Tom, Callum)

    -Fresh Meat
    (Liv, JoJo, JH)

    -Rotting Stone Fruit
    (George, Harry, Natasha)

    -América Polo
    (Daniel, Felipe, William)

    -Weapons of Mass Destruction
    (Will, Marika, Dom)

    -Inside Scope
    (Orlando, BJ, Arran)

    -Très Lush
    (Martin, Tacha, Tudor)

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