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  • Doesn't look like much, but fuel pump rebuild complete. New hoses, fuel strainer and tank seal kit fitted, fingers crossed the fuel level sender now works. Amazing what ethanol does to rubber on a 20 year old machine, makes you wonder what it's doing to proper classics. Also received the tank back from the local shop who silver soldered a threaded stud to repair the snapped bolt.

    And can you think of a more SRAD mod than white R&G crash bungs? The bike will definitely be doing track work in the future so safety first.

  • That looks nice and clean. Thought I’d do the one on the SV. Getting bike MOT ready so might as well.

    Pulled the thing out and was totally stumped. It’s spotless. Strainer is clean of anything and hoses were nice and squishy.
    Forgot about pics till I put it back in.

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  • Well that sounds like a result to me, from working on older bikes anything fuel tank related can can be a royal pain in the arse. If you've got anywhere you're documenting the SV I'd love to see.


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