• So my work have joined the c2w scheme, and I’m tempted to make use of it. I’d be buying a frame and building it up, probably, as they will be limiting the voucher amount to £2k. There’s also major availability issues at the moment, as we all know.

    I’m tempted by a Mason Resolution; I like the looks, the stack and reach combination/ratio is one I know works well for me and it’s well reviewed for comfort and ride quality without being an upright cruiser. The problem is, it’s a bit heavier than I’d like, even for steel (cyclingtips suggests 2.2kg for the frame only) and the geometry is a bit forward heavy.

    Has anyone got any suggestions for alternatives? I’d prefer metal, something a little different, disc brake and not much more than £1500 (edit for clarity: £1500 for the FRAME, and probably take my time building it up, buying the parts gradually as things I like turn up on eBay/the classifieds etc). This won’t be a weight weenie build by any means (if indeed it happens at all) but I’d like to be able to get the full bike to below 8.5kg with pedals etc.


  • I've got a fairly similar bike (Isen all-season) and built it over time and with the idea of being sub 9kg all in with pedals, cages and mounts. I managed 8.9kg which I'm pleased with and didn't go exotic with parts.

    Have you looked at Genesis too? They have some decent frames in reynolds 853 frames