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  • Not really relevant for the OP, but: If you are thinking of the Tuono you should know it is likely a rebadged Carbonda 1056. No harm in going the Dolan route if you are worried about warranty etc. (or want to use C2W as the OP does). But for anyone seeing this that doesn't mind going direct to Carbonda, you can save a decent amount.

  • Funnily enough, I'm actually looking at the Carbonda. It's a Flybike FM1056. Which is sold by Carbonda as a CFR 1056. Quoted $1050 delivered in two colour paint for their 'superlight' version, which is about 880g vs 1100g for frame.

    @RecoveryRide Genesis Volare 853? Given the 105 kitted one was about 8.5kg.


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