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  • Finally I've got my ass in gear and made some headway with this Mercian that I've had for years now.

    I got it rolling last night but then chickened out with the mudguard install when I saw the effort required (a set of Honjo) and instead had a drink.

    Looking at what's required for them there's definitely gonna be a lot more drink involved (along with a lot of swearing, cutting, drilling).

    They should look alright once done though.

  • That Mercian is so nice!
    Also jealous of that MBK, I've got the track version of it and have always thought I'd need to find a road frame match...

  • @veLLo I think I've asked to buy that at least once many moons ago ;)

    I still really want to get my hands on the MBK Super Record HPF model. That's really been the target but this model will have to do until then.

    @poorman I still don't have any decent photos, ones that catch the paint properly, but there's some pics here


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