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  • Thanks for the kind words :) Um well, the ordinary bikes are all largely done and being ridden (commuter, mtb, gravel, road) so that leaves shiny extras.

    I guess these rims might count as a project:

    I don't even care too much for shiny silver Archetype rims but I recently cracked and bought a set due to the general dearth of silver parts available. I figure that will likely continue too with the movement towards disc brakes.

    Now I have a set though I'm feeling compelled to actually build them up, and think they're not quite as bad as I imagined. But there's not so many 28H silver hubsets available that I care for. RS4s seem to be coming back into stock now so might go that direction. White Industries T11 would be super shiny and match the rims but they're pricy and sound like maintenance can be a PITA.

    The Merckx there is another long-term project because I can't decide what to do with it. Maybe 7 speed Chorus.

    And an on-again-off-again project is this Pinarello. It's quite mad but I don't need it at all so I bounce between selling it and building it up ratty, maybe with black 105 parts.


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