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  • Finally I've got my ass in gear and made some headway with this Mercian that I've had for years now.

    I got it rolling last night but then chickened out with the mudguard install when I saw the effort required (a set of Honjo) and instead had a drink.

    Looking at what's required for them there's definitely gonna be a lot more drink involved (along with a lot of swearing, cutting, drilling).

    They should look alright once done though.

  • Looks great, what are the brakes like? Id be interested to know how much better they are when 'direct mount' not center mount (If at all)

  • So the Gran-Compes, I was quite lucky to find someone selling a set unused at a fairly reasonable price and they'd installed the VO cartridge pad upgrade on them. The original plan had been a set of TRP RG957s but they ended up getting in the way of the rear rack mounts so were quite useless.

    I wasn't particularly optimistic about these despite good reviews and expected howling, flex, and general dislike.

    But they work, and they seem to work really very well at that, the arms feel stiff, there's a very strong return spring so no rubbing, they stop well and there's good modulation too. I need to really chuck it down a hill to decide for sure but I think I'm going to be quite happy with them.


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