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  • Great. I'm not a builder but I see them doing this on London properties all day long.

    I could be bothered to rephrase my answer until it suits you but I'm too tired for that.

    As far as decorative jobs 'saving' this or that I've got a 30 year career full of those so you're preaching to the choir.

  • Seems like you’ve got rubbed up the wrong way.
    You don’t need to rephrase anything to suit me - it’s ok to differ.

    I’m not preaching to anyone, or proselytising
    The repair I did on my ceiling saved a ton of time and money in materials- and gave a much better cosmetic result than over-boarding or removal of the plaster & lath and PBing would have.
    And it only took a (long) day.

    There are times when tearing everything out is expedient, usually when no one is living there, there’s a team of labourers, and a skip out front.
    In my case we were all at home and my daughter was about a week off being born.

  • I was a bit tired! Had a lie down and now everything seems less annoying :)

    I can't really see enough from the pictures to have enough of an idea what the hallway walls might be like overall. Having tackled a few jobs like that I do remember the feeling that it might have been better to have stripped it all. Totally understand the issues around dust and why this is the kind of thing usually done when a house is empty.

    I would have a few concerns about continuing to strip it if it were my hallway given the hours it might take before it can be made good. How I would actually approach it in this situation I couldn't tell without being on site, looks like it needs careful handling to avoid it becoming a massive time sink.

    I've seen hallways stripped to the brickwork and d&d pb on a diy basis with some success but the overall condition of the house comes into play with those levels of dust. As one of these jobs was the neighbours side of our party wall I can say it left much less soundproofing between the properties.

    Your ceiling seems like a different case. I have a plaster boarded one in my flat front room because the entire ceiling fell down a couple of years before I moved in. Probably a combination of factors including the upstairs neighbours not being light on their feet. Your solution with the rendering scrim seems to work well. We all have greater or lesser talents with different materials and that's why it's good to have different people giving opinions.


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