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  • builders would knock it all off and render or pb.

    This builder wouldn’t, and I know others who wouldn’t either and clients who don’t want dead flat walls.

  • Great. I'm not a builder but I see them doing this on London properties all day long.

    I could be bothered to rephrase my answer until it suits you but I'm too tired for that.

    As far as decorative jobs 'saving' this or that I've got a 30 year career full of those so you're preaching to the choir.

  • Seems like you’ve got rubbed up the wrong way.
    You don’t need to rephrase anything to suit me - it’s ok to differ.

    I’m not preaching to anyone, or proselytising
    The repair I did on my ceiling saved a ton of time and money in materials- and gave a much better cosmetic result than over-boarding or removal of the plaster & lath and PBing would have.
    And it only took a (long) day.

    There are times when tearing everything out is expedient, usually when no one is living there, there’s a team of labourers, and a skip out front.
    In my case we were all at home and my daughter was about a week off being born.


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