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  • It’s about 50sqm.

    I don’t have a huge amount of time so the thought of spending every weekend for the foreseeable future chipping off plaster is not that appealing.

  • There are some jobs that it's best not to take on. I've stripped a few hallways in my time but I wouldn't want to take on the combination that you have there. Like I said, unlucky.

    It's been my experience that walls that look like this in part have other parts which are worse (and some better). If you think you can be happy knocking off the existing skim, skimming over the wallpaper and painting then that looks like the least worst option in terms of time and money.

    My comment about knocking it all off and starting again comes from the experience of doing it the other way and still making a lot of mess, taking a lot of time and having to accept a certain amount of problems not going away.


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