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  • I will check this:

    Worth checking the DHCP lease on a client

    As much out of interest as anything, but I'm convinced that having to use Adguard Home/pihole as the DHCP server is part of the problem and I had been looking at the Unifi Security Gateway as a solution.

    So I might take this as vindication of my wanting to buy more Ubiqiti stuff :)

  • So I might take this as vindication of my wanting to buy more Ubiqiti stuff :)

    Definitely do this. Buy a USG and then repurpose your PiHole as a Unifi controller. Perfect solution.

    I basically followed the same path (from PiHole to nextdns) but I bought a UDM (Dream Machine), which acts as my controller as well as router and another WiFi AP.

    In all honesty I wouldn't recommend the UDM, since a) it is a lot more expensive and b) it is a bit shackled compared to the USG as it is more of a domestic product. (Long threads are easily findable detailing it's limitations.)

    The main thing that forced my hand to migrate away from PiHole was that it was my DHCP server and that it was a single point of failure on a PiHole depending on an SD Card. After having a card failure that brought down my whole network, whilst I was away from home, I started getting twitchy.

    For a while I ran the PiHole in read only mode, to mitigate the risk, but that was a ball ache when it came to updates, whitelist additions etc.

    NextDNS is so much more robust and simple.

    Only thing to remember: sometimes something on the internet doesn't work and you can't figure out why (e.g. adding Sonos to Google Assistant for voice control). Go and check the nextdns logs to see what it is blocking. Often an API or CDN is being blocked. Add them to the whitelist and away you go.


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