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  • Missus says she keeps getting wifi/internet slowdown at about 4.30 everyday.
    Haven’t done any investigating yet, re: speed test or checking my router/ap to see if they’ve logged any issues, but does anyone have any thoughts on it?
    We’re with zen fibre broadband and consistently get 35mb down and 7mb up, and I don’t have any issues using the wifi in another room..

  • Internet use starts to peak at those times - Most connections are shared to some extent, and the more people hammering it, the slower the speeds.

  • Makes sense, just don’t understand how it only seems to affect her usage and not mine, if I’m using same wifi network at the same time..
    She says it doesn’t make any difference if she’s on wifi or using an Ethernet connection, I’m dubious about this, but as I’m de facto I.T. Support it’s upto me to fix it..


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