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  • Having a bit of a 'mare with my WiFi/network at the moment. I've had a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE running Plusnet with their router (Plusnet One) reliably for years.

    Recently tried out a pihole on a Pi Zero W with pihole running the DHCP server (because you can't change it in the Plusnet router, only turn it off). This wasn't reliable, the WiFi would dropout, which I presumed was because it wasn't connected via ethernet.

    So, because it didn't have ethernet, I installed Adguard Home on my Pi 4 running Home Assistant, which does. Got the DHCP server running and this seemed to work well for a bit, then the other half started complaining about dropouts on his phone. It seemed to be fine on everything else, but then the Father Not In Law came to stay and had problems with his phone and laptop.

    So, I decided to have a look at the UAP's settings. Except I could not remember how to get into the bloody controller, or where it even was. So, I decided to hard reset it, so I could re-adopt it to the new controller I'd set up.

    Stupidly without realising I have no machines connected via ethernet yet except the Pi running Home Assistant. Fortunately, FNIL's laptop had ethernet, so I plugged it in, set up a controller on there and got the WiFi working again. Of course it was now linked to his laptop, so I had to work out how to re-adopt it to my Mac which was connected via WiFi (not that easy, but got there in the end).

    Since the hard reset the WiFi has been snappier and FNIL reports no problems with his phone or laptop. The access point hadn't been reset or had any software updates since 2017, so I guess that explains that.

    However, I now want to get my Adguard Home running again, but every time I disable the DHCP server in the router and start the Adguard Home DHCP server (exactly the same settings as before) it breaks the WiFi - my phone can connect to the WiFi, but has no internet. It doesn't seem to work again until I disable the Adguard Home DHCP server and reactive the DHCP server in the Plusnet router.

    So... My UniFi UAP is breaking my Adguard Home setup? But why, how? And why would firmware updates and a reset mean it doesn't work now but it did before?

    I don't know a lot about networking, but as I understand it when I turn off the Plusnet router DHCP server and switch on the Adguard Home server, devices should get a DHCP lease from the new server (Adguard) once it's up and running, either when I turn them off and on again or when their leases expire.

    Does 'no internet' mean the device in question is connecting to the WiFi but not being given an IP by the DHCP server? If it's up and running and worked before I reset the access point, that suggests to me that the UniFi is the issue, but why would it interfere with this?


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