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  • Parts bin Raleigh MTrax (WIP...)

    Wanted to do a slightly upgraded resto. But forks weren’t up to it (yet). I welcome suggestions or ideas for what to do next...

    White industries cranks, 1x7 with og LX mech and parts bin XT thumby, swapped in RC31 forks (og Pace suspension elastomers had gone - might refurb those), new headset, club roost stem (stiff as a board, but not very light) and og Ti bars with yeti grips, LX levers with the variable pull, Mavic 317 rim on XT hub up front with a newish BB7 brake

    A productive afternoon off...

    (Couldn’t find chain tool to sort that, so it’s straight out of the box length and slaps a bit)

    Rides nicely and is lighter than most other things I have. Needs nippier tyres (suggestions welcome).

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