• I really appreciate all the options you've thrown at me, and I have to confess the Beckham endorsement really does gnaw away at me even though I know I should be above that shit and take the watch/brand on its merits. Beckham though... argh.

    As it stands that Bell & Ross is the pick of the bunch until I see them in the flesh.

  • You're doing it already, but i massively recommend checking all the options in 3D as they're always so different to the pics/renders. I was sold on the B&R GMT that @Regal mentioned but when i went to try it on there was something about it (too flat/ matte / sapphire dome), which I couldn't put my finger on but it just underwhelmed me. Whereas the Oris never did anything for me in the pics, but a friend picked one up and now i think they're brilliant. I've got the BB58's older fatter brother, and the Oris is definitely at home in that company, and about a grand cheaper.

    Of course in that price bracket, if you want a tool or pilot watch, you're also firmly in Sinn territory ...


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