• Hi Guy's I can see there has been a lot of debate here. First and foremost it's not a sales job selling the product. It's a customer service role supporting our customers with things like online ordering and any issues they might have along the way.

    Secondly we do 2 days in the office and the rest is work from home. We aren't a call centre and the office is actually based above the factory where we manufacture the bikes. I sit about 10 metres away from this team and it's anything but a call centre environment.

    Regarding the salary we are looking for two years experience in customer service and German language skills. I've spoke to customer service staff on £18,000 based in London and for the people we have hired recently it's a good starting point with our business and just as importantly we genuinely offer career development and a chance to progress in the business with either the Customer Service team or other area of the company.

    If this was in our sales team it would have a bonus and they would be working hard to meet sales targets and as such that would be fair.

    If anyone has any direct questions I'm happy to be direct messaged on here or you can follow up with me on linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonblaysea­rchandselection/