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  • @hugo7 thanks for explaining that. Hydraulic braking systems I'm fine, it's TV connectivity that needs a refresher. In my limited research I'd read Chromecast Audio had been discontinued, which is weird as sounds like it has lots of fans. What I'll likely do is mount the TV and use it through the WiFi, then see if I really need the luxury of surround sound. Aware this is teetering on golf club chat.

    @pdlouche always fitted Hel to my bikes as braided lines obviously makes such a difference, also the bikes are so old I'm not keeping the stock rubber ones! In time would like to try the Hel radial front master cylinder and maybe even calipers, although that's less likely with the price.

    @dr_nosh would love to see any photos if you have them. Security is definitely on the list and it's maybe not as bad as it looks, there's a 2 tone 4x4 parked in front of the garage door.

  • TBH I've always thought a TV is a really good ideal for YT how-to's ever since seeing it in one of the pistonheads readers garages. They are generally very golf club and he had some sort of insane size. That said if you want to look up from the ground at something that might be detailed something big makes sense.

    If you get a mini-amp or even a more bling set up I'd suggest a remote as it's easier than faffing about with a phone with dirty hands. I put velcro on mine then put velcro pads in a couple of handy locations.


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