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  • I assume he's capable of saying so himself if he isn't. It's possible he doesn't put that much into curating his Following page.

  • Not going to lie, my notifications go in a seldom read email account so I often miss stuff on here anyway :D

    Domenico Pozzovivo is along with Walscheid the stars of the show from QA, we did an aero session with Pozzo the day after Tirreno finished this year and he has the lowest drag of any world tour male pro by far (forget all the hyperbole about Bisseggers road CdA, his is good but no better than others). Walscheid also had an aero session earlier in the year and we built him some special handlebars which he got last week. More to come for sure, he does a whole ton of watts and has a lot of potential for TT. Victor I’ll need to check his data as something went wrong it looks like!