• Where do I begin?

    After receiving plenty of parcels all week I finally had time to throw a couple of the new parts onto the MuddyFox. It’s really starting to take shape, just waiting on brakes and a couple of handlebar options because I’m still not sure what to go for.

    • Stridsland chainring
    • Simworks SuperYummy tyres 26x2.22
    • Simworks John Cage
    • Widefoot Litre Cage
    • Nalgene glow in the dark litre bottle
    • Nitto R14-2 rear rack
    • Velo Orange kickstand
    • Wald 139 Large basket
    • Safety Pizza

    Everything is loosely thrown on just so I can get an idea but I’m pretty pleased! The bars fitted are stolen from my Puch but I’m not gonna run them. Hopefully get better pics soon!

  • There's something very satisfying about how well the rear mudguard fits underneath the wishbone seatstay. Looks great, equal parts rad & gentlemanly with the springy brooks


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