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  • I do about 28 miles commuting. Track session about 4 miles. Tempo session about 7 then a Sunday long run.

    Race last night went well. Was in a slower wave than I would have liked but fortunately there was another guy who wanted a similar time to me. He paced me to 4k then dropped out. I carried on and ran 16.09 for a pb.

    Great event. The winner overall, Jack Rowe, ran 13.35!

  • 16.09 for a pb.


  • Great stuff! Sub-16 this year then?

    I'm still sort of attacking things from the other end. Had myself down for another 20+ today but weather's shit and second jab on Wednesday left me groggy for a couple of days, so maybe next week.

    Exciting times on the x-training front. We've taken delivery of a Concept2 rowing machine, but need to move house (hopefully next 3/4 weeks) before there's a space big enough to use it. In the mean time I'm getting 3x half hour sessions/week done in the gym to get me up to speed.

  • 16.09

    Well done.


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