• Is not too bad, got a bunch of expired film on eBay that was kept in good conditions by the looks of it! DX coded camera so yeah, box speed.

  • You know you can "hack" the ISO codes, right?

    As in scratching off parts of the code and / or adding little pieces of tape in the right places -

    Making the camera handle a roll of 200 ISO like a 100 is just a matter of adding a little piece in the top row, second square to the left.
    This was kinda my default, as most colour film benefits from shooting it above box speed..

    This image (from shootitwithfilm.com) makes it all more clear (you can basically disregard the bottom row, just be clear which is "top" - the one by the barcode) 👍

  • Totally aware. Never had to use it. If I want to shoot something at different speed I simply choose a camera I can set the iso myself or in built exposure compensation. Otherwise most point and shots default to iso 100 which it's fine by me. Thank you for the information tho, maybe one day I will try it.


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