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  • I work myself and with my dad who only until last month had a website(because of me). Hes not arsed with any of it and its worked ok for 26 years.
    I'm not taking anything away from all these guys but a lot of them are pricing big money for stuff for instagram as your defo not spending the time to do the work they are doing without compensation thats for sure. Sparks and Plumbing and that isn't a cool job, its a nessacary job but all they posts are for other people in the trade and its a bit cock measurey imo.

  • and its a bit cock measurey imo.

    100%. That CJR bloke does my tits in. Has plenty to say about work he discovers (he might be right, but comes across as a bit of a bellend). Weird YouTube flexing for the keyboard warriors.


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