• "I mean, rightly, obvs., but why didn't the Colnago put you off if you are even slightly concerned about aesthetics?"

    The bike is practically new (despite being 17 years old); it still has the original chain in good condition. Wheels are Ambrosio Excellence with Campagnolo Record hubs in brand new condition and I want to preserve them; spread the work load to a second set of wheels.

    Choices are limited and I’d like to try a slightly wider rim, 22mm external would be good.

    Main thing is a good feeling ride and the Campagnolo’s fit the bill. And DT Swiss on a C40? Everything seems to require a compromise.

  • I'd take Fulcrum Racing 4/Campag Scirocco over the current Shamals. I don't know why anybody ever thought aluminium spokes were a good idea, much less why anybody is still flogging that particular dead horse.


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