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  • It's about +30% of what they paid in 2019, but the price we are paying is inline with similar houses in the street sold in past 6-12 months, but this is in much better shape due to works.

    Agent said change in circumstances, but I presume they bought it to flip. Strange thing is they haven't scrimped as you would expect a developer to do it's all well thought out and to a good standard, painting isn't great but we will be re-decorating every room anyway.

  • Almost the same situation I was in. The hefty premium was hard to stomach but once it was compared to the other prices it looked reasonable. I'd be cautious about paying any premium for the finish (although it doesn't sound like you are).

    Mine was generally similar in that it had been pretty well thought out and areas had gone above what you'd expect from a basic refurb (CAT6 and aerial cable run to all the rooms for instance).

    Having lived here for 6 months though some areas do appear where they scrimped. Main issue being not laying a subfloor in the bathroom so the grout in the tiles is cracking and a few other bouncy floor issues. Still very happy with it though.


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