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  • It's about +30% of what they paid in 2019, but the price we are paying is inline with similar houses in the street sold in past 6-12 months, but this is in much better shape due to works.

    Agent said change in circumstances, but I presume they bought it to flip. Strange thing is they haven't scrimped as you would expect a developer to do it's all well thought out and to a good standard, painting isn't great but we will be re-decorating every room anyway.

  • I didn't bother getting a full survey when I purchased my victorian house in e11, but I viewed it a total of 4 times, took a lot of pictures and sounded out the seller.

    If you're gonna do a loft conversion as soon as you move in, then if the roof is bowing or generally knackered there is no point paying 1500 quid for someone to tell you the roof is shot.


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