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  • Thank you guys, I'm utterly astonished and I'm going to need a while to process this. Really appreciate you checking my maths. Christ alive.

  • Ha. Good luck and don't underestimate this!

    less solicitors' fees, moving costs etc.

    I struggle to get my head around this stuff too - leave it to the other half who's a property whizz and I handle the DIY.

  • Exactly right @tbc - I might even be able to afford the E17 postcode tax!

    And absolutely @mustardbeak, especially since me and my wife are on the older side of mortgage buyers (!) so we've a limited amount of time to pay it all back. Monthly outgoings much more important than top level borrowing. We're yet to do the maths but it'll be the main consideration. Even a jump of a few percentage in interest could make the repayment really jump.

    Good shout @Fox, it's amazing how much those things end up costing. I'm usually pretty good with planning and the like but this has totally fried my noodle. Madness!


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