• This is becoming unbearably frantic. The article linked to above has been updated with a statement from the DfT:

    • Update: This story, first published on April 30, was updated on May 5 with the following delayed response from the Department for Transport:

    A DfT spokesman said it was “misleading” to suggest that it had asked Hammersmith and Fulham council to pay half the bill for a new bridge. In fact, the council had proposed various options, with the council’s share of the bill varying between zero and 100 per cent, he said.

    He said it was only the council and not the DfT which retained authority to reopen the bridge.

    He said the council’s plan for a £100m “double decker” bridge did not have an accompanying business plan, unlike the previous £141m six-year proposal. He said that the option of tolling the bridge related to how the council would seek to repay any loan it took out to help fund repairs.

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