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  • It's never too soon.

    But at the moment my running raison d'etre is about losing weight, so not much of my running is about having fun, it's about slogging along despite being generally quite tired and not over-compensating with food.

    I need to lose about 10kg before I get back to the bits where it starts becoming "fun" again.

  • I appreciate that this is very personal to me, but becoming a Garmin stats addict is the only reason I've been able to shift 20kg and get in shape again after years of trying and failing through injury and generally not knowing how to listen to my body. It has been a very useful tool for me. Fun doesn't come into it.

    Its crazy how something as simple as "eat less do more" can be such a monumental mental challenge. Garmin data helps me break that challenge down into chunks I can manage and understand.


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