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  • You can't see all of the details in the images.

    It's more the categorisation of activities.

    40 minutes at HR average of 170bpm+ goes down as Low Aerobic / Base, yet a week later the same activity (5-a-side football) with a slightly lower HR max/avg and shorter distance covered gets put in as High Aerobic / Tempo. I'm sure the differentiation is based on something real, but it's not obvious what it is. (My guess would be HRV is also in the equation somewhere).

    2 days of the status being "Unproductive" and then I did a swim/run/2x5-a-side and it somehow bumps it into "Productive". What tends to happen is that the VO2max (which I purposely didn't show) dips due to the 5-a-side activities which trips the algorithm over into "Unproductive".

  • Ah, I see.

    My understanding is that your training status isn't based solely on the activity you just did but on your body's reaction to recent activities. Perhaps over a week or so. Only part of the calculation is down to what you do on the day I think.

    Could be wrong though


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