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  • Here's an example of how haywire mine is. The first one (with fewer activities) is back in Jan/Feb when I was getting back into running. Pretty much all of the runs tripped over into the "High Aerobic" bucket as I was unfit. Load was steady but relatively low.

    The later one is the most recent 4 weeks with 25k of swimming added in, plus 5-a-side football (sometimes 3 times a week for 2h20m total). I had the recent long weekend off so that's brought my load down and pushed the overall status into "Recovery". Pretty much all of the runs now get categorised as "Low Aerobic" now, my goal is to approach something similar to MAF pace but from above by just continuing to run relatively gently until the avg HR drops to where it should be. (The greatest help towards this will be weight loss, I'm down 4kg so far but still loads to go, plodding along at a steady rate of 2kg/month loss.)

    Oddly last week (where I peaked at 1050 load) was my "recovery" week in the 4 week meso cycle. I did take it relatively easy in running terms, it's just I went a bit bonkers in the pool. The final "hard" week of this 4 week meso cycle has a hard 10k scheduled which I'm really not looking forward to.

  • You can't see all of the details in the images.

    It's more the categorisation of activities.

    40 minutes at HR average of 170bpm+ goes down as Low Aerobic / Base, yet a week later the same activity (5-a-side football) with a slightly lower HR max/avg and shorter distance covered gets put in as High Aerobic / Tempo. I'm sure the differentiation is based on something real, but it's not obvious what it is. (My guess would be HRV is also in the equation somewhere).

    2 days of the status being "Unproductive" and then I did a swim/run/2x5-a-side and it somehow bumps it into "Productive". What tends to happen is that the VO2max (which I purposely didn't show) dips due to the 5-a-side activities which trips the algorithm over into "Unproductive".


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