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  • One annoying quirk of garmin training status is how it doesn't take into account incline or altitude appropriately for mountain sports. Even if I choose "climb" or "xc ski" on my Fenix it'll often tell me I'm detraining after a week of daily 12hr+ uphill efforts.

    The first time I went up Breithorn in winter my HR was ~150 for about 4.5 hours, it was -20 and 30mph winds. At that altitude you have about 40% less oxygen available to your body. It was one of the toughest efforts of my life at the time as I was not mountain fit. Proper gruelling. Garmin? Added about 20 onto my training load. Might as well have told me not to bother.

    Having said that I think the Fenix 6 makes a big thing about correcting this.


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