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  • I cycle more than run though, so think mine gets muddles by that as you don't get a status after a cycling activity.

    I think you might be on to something there. I only use mine for running and I think I read that it gets complicated if you use it for multiple sports.

    I'm not saying training status is super accurate, more that there have been numerous occasions when the "unproductive" status was correct and I should have listened to it. Even if it took me a few days to realise it.

    It can be really disheartening to see unproductive or detraining when you're feeling good.

  • It also seems to want you to spread out the efforts between some low intensity, threshold and VO2 max work, so you can be feeling good and running well but if you're doing 'too much' threshold and not enough easy then that can affect the status I think.

    It's annoying the watch can't bring in exercise from other sources to help calculate the score. Just looking at running then I'm probably detraining half the time, but swim, cycle and the occasional row and I'm not too bad, but the watch doesn't know about half of that.


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