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  • Mine was "Peaking" this morning after 3 days off.

    Then I did a relatively hard 15x100m swim set at 1:30/100m pace (of mostly pull)[1], and it changed its mind to "Maintaining".

    Then I did what I thought was a relatively gentle 5k but my HR was ~10bpm higher than it should have been, and the Garmin stated I was now "Recovery".

    And I'm just back from 5-a-side (40 minutes at an average HR of 165bpm) and it's now saying "Unproductive".

    The trick is to take the positive bits of stuff from the Garmin, and dismiss the negative stuff as "shit algorithm that doesn't understand me". At least that's what I do...

    1. My swim CSS should be 1:30/100m pace but I'm a long way off that it seems.
  • 1:30/100m is good swimming 💪
    I'm hoping to get back in the pool next week for the first time in over a year. I'm going to be so bad but need to get back on it. I'm dreaming of 1:45's right now. Good job i can bike and run.


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