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  • Look up Fixed Beers and Fixed Pirates Crew on Insta.
    Go on some of their rides.

    If you can manage not dying in your first few rides that is the place to aquire advanced learnings of fixeh silliness.

    Excellent bunch of kids.

  • Woah, that sounds even more intimidating ! I've seen these kids before - 32 year old woman joining in wouldn't be strange no ?

  • Ladies thread might have skills training for more women centric groups. Maybe Velociposse?

  • Try Fixed Beers then.

    You can meet them at the Herne Hill training sessions and the fixed league they are running soon.

    Ask for Ilma (she works at Rapha Spittalfields also).

    VP as mentioned is a good shout but they won't be going anywhere near trick riding and messing about.


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