• While I was waiting for the gravelkings to arrive at the weekend, I gave the folder/pub bike a bit of attention. Managed to work out how the positron-style internal gear hub worked so I was able to remove the rear wheel, for tightening up the hub and truing it. Seems to have solved the play in the hub for now but I've read that these older shimano 3-speed hubs were prone to just wearing out with no way of servicing them, so might just have to chuck it eventually. Chucked on some old MTB levers and grips and some leftover jagwire brake outer. Wasn't sure if I was going to sell my wald 139 but now it's on this bike I'm really glad I kept it. Great little local runaround/beer getter/destination for free stickers.

    Still needs a rear brake cable and some new pads, and I'm on the lookout for some serviceable tyres, but want to keep it a parts bin special to soothe my guilt about what I actually paid for it in the first place


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