• Meant to write in my last post "angling the bars and getting a shorter stem" should sort it, not just angling the bars. don't know why I wrote it like that that.

    Having a fun morning procrastinating with the stem calc tool MisterMikkel posted. I checked again and my current stem is 80mm, not 90. Thinking of ordering the 60mm version of this stem from sjs to try. This might make finding a nicer looking quill stem in the future a bit more tricky as the VO/nitto ones don't seem to go much shorter than 80mm. Might just take the hit on positive affirmation from this forum and keep the quill adapter 😬😬😬😬

    Should have some SPD pedals sorted soon and have a second hand spesh pizza rack to fit, so bike-wise should be all sorted for the scottish tour next month. Personal fitness-wise I am feeling verrry creaky after bank holiday weekend so I'm scheming some big loops round epping forest plus at least one london-cambridge ride between now and then to get a bit more in shape / iron out any last bike fit problems


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