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  • Good Morning - i am looking for some 1-1 tuition in learning some fixie trick's and techniques etc. I'm aware i can look it all up via Youtube etc but i have been attempting skids and stands with little luck for a while now.. .mainly because i'm a bit of a lone rider and not got the courage to rock up to a club for the much needed advice. Couldn't find much on google re lessons but feel free to point me in the right direction - happy to pay! I'm not a beginner and have been on track/velo but mainly fixed zoomies in the City.

    Thanks all - Inez :)

  • Look up Fixed Beers and Fixed Pirates Crew on Insta.
    Go on some of their rides.

    If you can manage not dying in your first few rides that is the place to aquire advanced learnings of fixeh silliness.

    Excellent bunch of kids.

  • Woah, that sounds even more intimidating ! I've seen these kids before - 32 year old woman joining in wouldn't be strange no ?


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