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  • This may be totally the wrong place for this (if so please do move mods!).

    I’ve recently relocated from london to a pretty isolated Australian town and obviously need a ride but the second hand bike market is dry to say the least.

    In london I had a fairlight strael 105 build (which will be for sale on here soonish) and just want something to train/ commute on here, the two viable candidates are...

    2019 Trek domane al 2 - £360ish aluminium frame/carbon fork...largely Claris group set....

    And where it gets interesting...

    I’ve found a Orbea Lobular which I believe is from 2006? It’s full dura ace wheels and group set, guy wants £445 ish.

    I don’t know much about the lobular at all, but question largely is, is dura ace from 2006ish still going to be largely better than Claris from 2019, or with technology trickling down would the improvement not be so great?

    Mostly because I fancy the endurance geometry and the eyelets on the trek frame...but full dura ace drool

    Any advice much appreciated.


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