• Lots of progress made on the Multitrack this weekend. New cassette from on here, gave the rear wheel a bit more attention as I kind of rushed the truing/tensioning when I replaced the broken spokes a while ago. Took it for a quick test ride round the park and realised the brakes were doing bugger all so spent a while getting the pads just right. I've read and re-read that sheldon page so many times but still haven't quite got my head round what 'mechanical advantage' actually means.

    Fitted some new 38mm gravelking SKs, and had a first attempt at wrapping the bars, wasn't aiming for perfection as I'm likely to be swapping bars/recabling before it's finished. Had to go for the slightly less 'aero' cable routing option for the shifter cables as I'd cut them too short to run along the bar.

    Trip to the pub yesterday called for an inaugural towpath ride into hackney:

    Trying to be objective about what works and what doesn't is tricky. I'm extremely jazzed about how this bike turned out, given that it's the first bike I've worked on with no help from an LBS it feels like a nice accomplishment. I loved riding it, so much lighter and nippier than the muddy fox, fast on roads but still super comfy on the unpaved bits of towpath.

    But, it is loooong. I guess that's what you get for putting drop bars on an upright hybrid frame? but I did feel quite stretched out riding on the hoods and finished up a 40 min ride with a slightly sore upper back/neck. Going to try out a shorter stem, this one is 90mm so not sure how much shorter I can do without getting some weird handling. Also thinking that the Nitto bars from @TheConCon666 might help a bit as I believe they have a slight rise?

  • i had a similar issue with my pomp, in the end i used a 60mm +35 stem which gives more height than a 100 +10 and a shorter reach, if i remember right.

    obviously not on the same bike but it handles fine / i cant feel any difference, iirc you can also go mega short and offset with wide bars? if you're into that sort of stuff.

    People also bullied me into using modern shaped drops and having a flat hood/bar transition, that helped greatly.

    you might find some of this anecdata helpful, bike looks great fun!


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