• You can get something good for 200-300 second hand - I use one of these.
    Beware there's similar models that go for half that - but for a reason (slower, worse image quality, no software included etc.)

    Another option is to "scan" negatives with a digital camera.
    You'd need a small but good light table, some sort of tripod for the camera - which should have macro capabilities and as high a resolution as possible.
    If I already had a digital camera that offers this I'd probably go that route instead of buying a scanner.

    Both options should allow you to make proper 20x30cm prints from your 35mm negs (assuming this is what you have) at the end of the day.

  • I’ll take a look at those, thanks.

    She does have decent digital kit (Sony a7 and access to a shit ton of ££ lenses through her work) and I’m pretty sure we have a tripod that you can flip the central post on and use as a sort of rostrum(?). A small light box will presumably be a fairly cheap outlay

  • You're welcome!

    Google a bit regarding the scanning with camera, maybe @mi7rennie likes to share some of his findings as well.
    Of course this route is a bit of a faff (but so is working with a dedicated negative scanner, just a different kind of faff : )

    If you do get a negative scanner try to get one that is bundled with Silverfast - and double-check that both the software and the scanner itself if compatible with whatever operating system you're running.



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