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  • @Bossman They're prime candidate but everyone seems to hate them (apart from the reviewers). Hoping the plus version is a bit more puncture resistant.

    @miro_o what are they like for rolling resistance? These will be pretty much exclusively road tyres

  • what are they like for rolling resistance?

    So there are two versions. Silkshield and more expensive Exo (120tpi, worth the money if you ride lots of rocky trails, or sharp gravel as they have a webbing ... and they’re a bit lighter). Both feel like a quick training tyre (except massive volume and lower pressure obvs). Think Rubino Pro, not Pasela, not Corsa. Hope that helps.

    Max pressure is pretty low though. 60psi I think. That might bother someone looking to ride on ... er ... polished granite or something.

    Cheapest place to buy retail was a seller on eBay (an Irish tax dodge I think).

    I use them on a disc brake road bike that gets ridden throughout the year on poor quality rural roads and the odd track, plus some night riding. My taste is for tyres at the faster end of the spectrum. They seem ideal.


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