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  • Got back into running recently and loving it and slowly increasing my miles.

    This morning I experimented with food/drink for a half marathon distance.

    Set off after an expresso and half a glass of water just after 7 and it was freezing cold in Essex.
    My home town is reasonably quiet then and the route (I made up as i went along) had a few hilly parts but nothing drastic and I stayed away from the steepest ones.

    I had an asda brand protein bar for the run and no drink (Winter/Spring -I don't/can't normally drink on a run)­in-bars-snacks/asda-sports-nutrition-pro­tein-bar-cookies-cream-flavour/910002359­510

    I've read/heard that consuming 200 -300 calories an hour whilst running is a good rate of intake.The bar I had was 368.
    I ate 2/3 of the bar after 50 mins and surprised that it tasted rather good and easy to eat with no liquid.
    At about 1hr 20 I finished the bar.

    Distance 13.2 miles at 1.59.41 which I'm pleased with and had to stop for traffic a couple of times covering the distance.

    The bar did seem to give me energy for the distance covered but was flagging a little towards the last mile or so.

    Edit -Back in 2012 ,I ran an organised road half with a time of 1:46:20 and I'm approaching half a century in age.

    Any tips, Advice or recommendations will be gratefully received.


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