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  • Got back into running recently and loving it and slowly increasing my miles.

    This morning I experimented with food/drink for a half marathon distance.

    Set off after an expresso and half a glass of water just after 7 and it was freezing cold in Essex.
    My home town is reasonably quiet then and the route (I made up as i went along) had a few hilly parts but nothing drastic and I stayed away from the steepest ones.

    I had an asda brand protein bar for the run and no drink (Winter/Spring -I don't/can't normally drink on a run)­in-bars-snacks/asda-sports-nutrition-pro­tein-bar-cookies-cream-flavour/910002359­510

    I've read/heard that consuming 200 -300 calories an hour whilst running is a good rate of intake.The bar I had was 368.
    I ate 2/3 of the bar after 50 mins and surprised that it tasted rather good and easy to eat with no liquid.
    At about 1hr 20 I finished the bar.

    Distance 13.2 miles at 1.59.41 which I'm pleased with and had to stop for traffic a couple of times covering the distance.

    The bar did seem to give me energy for the distance covered but was flagging a little towards the last mile or so.

    Edit -Back in 2012 ,I ran an organised road half with a time of 1:46:20 and I'm approaching half a century in age.

    Any tips, Advice or recommendations will be gratefully received.

  • You shouldn't really need to eat much for couple of hours running if you're well fuelled from the day before and have had bit of breakfast (I'd have more than an espresso and water, personally).
    Maybe a few gels which will be similar calories to the bar you ate. I'd suggest a few isotonic gels just so that you're getting some liquid along with the sugar hit though - you'll suffer more from not drinking anything that you will from not eating.

  • Distance 13.2 miles at 1.59.41 which I'm pleased with

    You are right to be pleased, nice one.


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