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  • Sigh. My five-month streak without injuries has ended. I got a little overexcited at my first ever in-person training session last week even though I was a bit fatigued and probably went a bit OTT trying to keep up with the fast boys and started getting a pain in my right thigh. However, instead of being sensible and my coach/physio being literally RIGHT THERE, I said nothing and did a few more drills, and continued to say nothing until I ran a few days later and the pain came back and I had to finally fess up to my coach.

    He obviously took all my running off the plan for the rest of the week to rest it. Could be the first signs of a stress fracture (damn you weak cycling bones) so I really need to not let it get any worse or it'll really cack things up for my marathon training.

    Spent the evening feeling really gutted because my training had been going really well, but I guess every journey has its stumbling blocks.


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