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  • After some involuntary sunbathing on a rural Cambridgeshire verge over the weekend, it became evident the SRAD's petrol level sender has an intermittent fault. Strange as it hasn't played up until now but lesson learnt, I'll be using the odometer to gauge refills. Old bikes eh... who would have them?

    After testing the wiring and bulb as shown in my workshop manual all is working, so looks to be the level sender inside the tank. I struggle to muster up the enthusiasm when it comes to cleaning petrol tanks but it always feels worth it. Even if everything is fine just for the peace of mind. Turns out there was a lot of sludge that had turned rock solid that needed chiselling away, which can't of helped things. I'm high as a kite from the fumes so going to save servicing the fuel pump and sender unit until another day.

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