• And while we're at it, this just in:


    An absolutely astonishing application. The City's not exactly rich in sites where you could plonk a building like that, but as per two posts above, a different site should certainly be found.

    To be clear, signing a change.org petition will make the sum total of sod all difference, but it's desperate times--the application has been approved and having Robert Jenrick, of all people, as the Secretary of State is about as hopeless as it gets.

    It is one of the deepest absurdities of planning when the applicants and the determining authority are one and the same, and I think there should always automatically be a public inquiry or, preferably, some other mechanism for determination. In general, planning authorities approve their application in 99% of cases. I'm sure that's not the right figure, but it is a bit like that.

    The building seems like simply the wrong use class for that part of Fleet Street, and too big--in our cities, we need to have smaller footprints, not larger ones. You only have to look at what's been happening to Soho as developers have unified footprints and put larger single buildings on them, whether disguised, as in Berwick Street, or not.