• Wear the standard strap like a sling?

    I've got the Peak Design slide lite, one clip on the side of the camera, the other on the provided base plate - works nicely worn as a sling, slides up to your face easily.

  • Thank you for the response. I think I might be a very bouncy walker, my dad is an infinitely better photographer and walker and does the same as you suggest. But I hate the constant bashes as it bounces around.

    This looks more sturdy. And less likely to clatter about every time I jump off a rock or go over a style. Then again it might be irritating in its own special way.

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  • I have one. I use it with a strap - it’s out of the way on the clip if I don’t want the camera bouncing, or I can just let it hang cross-body on the strap if I want to be able to bend over for some reason. It works quite well. If you have an Arca Swiss compatible tripod, the plate will clip into that, which makes it even better IMHO.


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