• Is the peak design clip the best option for having my camera too hand while walking? It's a bit spendy, but if it's worth it I might splash out.

    Got a little micro 4/3 Olympus and would like to have it more to hand but not actually in my hand.

  • Wear the standard strap like a sling?

    I've got the Peak Design slide lite, one clip on the side of the camera, the other on the provided base plate - works nicely worn as a sling, slides up to your face easily.

  • I have two, not sure why actually as I don’t like them at all.

    I’ve tried them with my lightest camera which is the Fujix100v and it still bothers me. Really don’t understand how some people are happily lugging around a DSLR like that.

    Love PD stuff in general this one doesn’t work for me.


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