• Due to constantly having to change settings between ti and steel, I'm getting a digital machine so i can have pre-saved settings, which means im getting rid of my trusty 160, and thought id see if anyone here wants it before ebay.

    Im selling it as a bundle, with CK torch, upgraded ck hoses, upgraded "US spec" foot pedal and a box of CK gas lenses, as this is the set up ive honed in on over 200 or so frames that works best with this machine, so can confidently say it will build any bike you fancy, in any material that is stuck together with electric. Also comes with uprated regulators to help save unecessary argon waste.

    I still use it daily and it has never let me down, and is still fully supported by r tech, do a quick google of their customer service for piece of mind.

    Would like £750 for the lot, would be over £1400 new for everything, although machine isnt available for a month or so.

    Here is link for welder, and have added some photos of things it has melted.


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