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  • How are you going to drain at the edges of the patio? Arco drainage channels, small gravel trap or just hope it goes? Worth thinking about carefully as it might affect the level you aim for

  • Gravel trap along all edges, with a fall running away from the house to be sure I'm not causing any issues to the house. I've seen some places recommend a 2 way fall, I was just going to go in one direction?

  • Two way fall is harder to do though more forgiving of slight errors in your level as you’re only trying to keep a level half the distance. Depends really where you can drain water to. Drainage or gravel round the edge of the house is common so you don’t get rain bouncing back off the patio into your brickwork below the damp proof course, but if it’s well sheltered and your roof has a good overhang you might get away with this


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